I agree - the food is good but the plastic is bad - the best part about take out Chinese food is the paper/cardboard containers. I also am not comfortable eating hot food out of plastic and using plastic just adds to the problem we have with single use plastic in the world. Please use paper/cardboard for all take out foods.
This has been our favorite Chinese restaurant since we moved to Cedarburg over 10 years ago. Can honestly say we have never had a bad meal. It is something that all 6 of us can agreee on at the same timešŸ¤£. It has become our Christmas dinner tradition for many years now and looking forward to it tonight. The shrimp that is served with our dishes is the bomb and always is. We have moved to Grafton but the extra drive is totally worth it. The lunch combos are also quite awesome and portions are generous. Thank you people of Great China.
I was so disappointed that a few of the entrees were in plastic containers, and a type of plastic that is not recyclable (#5). Why not the paper containers? These cartons are now recyclable. Also, itiis not a good idea to serve hot food in plastic due to the leaching of chemicals into these foods. Also, need to stop using plastic bags.


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